Graphic Designing course in rawalpindi

If you are search graphic designing trainig center or graphic designing institute in rawalpindi so FIT Computer institute providing graphic designing courses in rawalpindi. Graphic designing skill is very easy to learn and get money form online platform like facebook freelancing etc. computer institute providing computer courses in rawalpindi pakistan. we are aslo providing c plus plus courses in rawalpindi( c++ course institute in rawalpindi ) web development course in rawalpindi ( web development institute ) , Mobile app development course in rawalpindi , Node js course in rawalpindi

Graphic designing course fees structure in rawalpindi
Course Title Fee in Installments Fee in Lumsum
One Month Graphics Designing Short Course - RS. 9,000/-
Two Months Graphics Designing Short Course RS. 18,000/- RS. 15,000/-
Three Months Graphics Designing Course RS. 22,000/- RS. 20,000/-

Course Details

Prepare a career in the high growth field of Graphic design ,no experience or degree required.With a professional training designed by graphic design institute in rawalpindi ,get a fast track to a competative paid job. graphic design institute is the best computer institute in rawalpindi/islamabad.there are currently 99,000 U.S. jobs openings in creative web designing ,UI/UX with a median salary of $92,000.

Graphic Designing courses in rawalpindi focus on the interaction that user have with the products like poster making,logo designing,photoshop ,websites ,apps and physical objects . our course will prepare you for a entry level job. You will create design on paper ,digital design tools like adobe phtoshop,Figma,Adobe XD,Adobe Photoshop

Graphic design 1 Month Course Fee = Rs. 9,000/-

Graphic design 2 Months Course Fee = Rs. 18,000/-

Graphic design 3 Months Course Fee = Rs. 22,000/-

you can pay your course fee in installment.

Note: Adobe InDesign(Ai) are include in just 6 Month Graphic Desinging Course.UI Mean you make user interface not UI/UX if you want to enroll in the course of UI/UX which have you make the layout of Mobile App and website you must learn Adobe XD(Axd) tool for this course please contact with FIT computer institute.

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What you’ll learn?

1)   Adobe Illustrator Professional:


Whether it’s a graphic designer, web designer, photographer or digital media expert, Adobe Illustrator is the tool used for digital creative purpose.

It also covers the fundamentals which are required to learn to master the designing skills on Illustrator.

  • Concept of layers in Illustrator
  • Concept of masking in Illustrator
  • Logo design and its fundamentals
  • Evolution of the alphabet and letter-form design
  • Working with clients
  • Process of creating mobile layouts
  • Process of creating website layouts
  • Color and its use in digital space
  • Defining a perspective grid
  • Drawing artwork in perspective
  • Saving & Printing your artwork
  • Saving for the web
  • Creating and editing gradients
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Creating files for print & Web
  • Blur, Gaussian blur
  • Various tools, tool options
  • Logo Designing
  • Brochure Designing
  • Visiting Cards and Letterheads
  • Facebook Coverages
  • 3D Logos and 3D Objects
  • Learn how to create Info Graphics designs

2)   Adobe Photoshop Professional:


Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing tool. Adobe Photoshop Professional course is designed as job oriented course for graphics and web designers.

  • Impact of various photographic compositions
  • The process of cropping and manipulate photographs to enhance meaning
  • Layout and advert design/editorial design
  • Professional layout examples
  • Process of creating mobile layouts
  • Process of creating assets for mobile apps (looking at specific design/layout sizes commonly used in mobile app design)
  • Resolution and quality issues
  • Viewing/opening documents
  • Toolbar
  • Background v layer, creating layers
  • Changing background
  • Preserving data
  • Re-arranging
  • Hiding, locking/unlocking
  • Naming, deleting
  • Layer opacity
  • Shadow effect
  • Glow effect
  • Bevel & Emboss effect
  • Warp Text
  • Text with underline and Strikethrough
  • Text with mask
  • Color Overlay
  • Gradient Overlay
  • Pattern Overlay
  • Stroke
  • Image sizes (handout)
  • Image size vs. canvas size
  • Cropping (and resizing), plus manual
  • Image modes
  • Save options, file formats for InDesign, web etc.
  • Paths to Illustrator
  • Keyboard shortcuts

3)   Corel Draw:

  • Exploring the CorelDraw Screen
  • File Management
  • Freehand Tool
  • Rectangle Tool
  • Ellipse Tool
  • Setting Up the Page
  • Deleting, Moving, Scaling, Rotating & Skewing
  • Shape Tool - Used to give shape(curve) to a line
  • Knife Tool - Used to cut an object from node to node
  • Erase Tool
  • Using Multiple Workspaces
  • Customizing the Toolbars
  • Using Shortcuts
  • Saving Defaults
  • Setting File Backup
  • Outline Pen
  • Outline Color
  • No Outline
  • Outline Thickness

3)   Adobe InDesign Professional:

  • Create magazines, newspapers.
  • Create E-Books,flyers.
  • Postcards, stickers, comics.


  • Logotypes
  • Icons
  • Brochures
  • UI mockups
  • Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Facebooks ads and cover
  • Info Graphics Designs
  • Drawing and sketching
  • Other design exercise games
  • Redesign an existing brand
  • Ebook Cover and Layout
  • Branding Starter Kit
  • Wallpaper in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Creating Advertisments with Urdu text


This Course also included Freelancing training for earn money.

Note: When student complete his course that will be rewarded certficate.

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  • Lectures 20+
  • Quizzes 5+
  • Duration 3 Months
  • Students 43
  • Assessments Yes